"The Seiden Group has recovered many millions for clients using laser focused strategies to get to fast and maximum recoveries and results". 

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"We have been appointed receiver to recover substantial funds for US investors in the courts of New York, Nevada,  Delaware, and Wyoming".


If you are looking for discreet, experienced and no nonsense lawyers to get you results and mitigate risks, The Seiden Group offers litigation and judgment enforcement expertise to recover funds for investors and judgment creditors. Recovering funds for investors is not simply a legal, business, or strategy issue. The Seiden Group brings expertise in all these areas, plus a reputation for innovative and cost-effective solutions to cross border obstacles. We have particular experience in The People's Republic of China. China has made enormous strides in cooperating with the United States on cross border issues. This has created opportunities for resolving otherwise intractable disagreements. You can rely on us to provide cutting edge advice to understand your options.


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China does not recognize US judgments. However, The Seiden Group has carved out a pathway to resolve disputes and achieve recovery for investors in China that has never been done before. We deliver in China for our clients and have been recognized by the global media for our efforts. See: Bounty Hunter Tracks Chinese Companies That Dupe Investors, New York Times